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  • In colder climates, now's the time to consider reseeding or renovating lawns. Use Burn Out to get rid of weeds before reseeding.
  • Continue to deadhead annuals and perennials to produce more blossoms.

August's Featured Products!

Eco-Blend Grass Seed
ECO-BLEND is specially designed for lawns managed organically, without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

Milky Spore
Milky Spore controls Japanese Beetles by infecting the larval stage with a virus that is specific to only Japanese Beetles. One application will last 10-20 years.

Felco Pruners
High-quality professional pruners and loppers. Hollow-ground, Swiss precision, hardened steel blades. We carry a wide variety for different tasks and in both right & left-handed styles.

Sharp Shooter
This all around great insecticide is primarily made from lemon juice extracts. It is all-organic, and can be used on most ornamentals or vegetables you grow.

Hasta La Vista Ant!
Hasta La Vista Ant! is ready to use weather/moisture resistant granular bait. It kills and controls ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets,and silverfish.

Monterey's Bi-Carb Old Fashioned Fungicide
Monterey's Bi-Carb Old Fashioned Fungicide controls and eradicates powdery mildew on roses, vegetables, grapes, fruit trees and ornamentals.

Neptune's Harvest Blend
Neptune's Harvest Blend (2-3-1) is a blend of fish and seaweed, which gives you the best of both products, with a perfect blend of fish hydrolyzed and seaweed, ensuring a complete fertilization program.

BurnOut II Weed & Grass Killer
BurnOut ll "New and Improved Formula" for non-selective control of herbaceous broadleaf and grass weeds. Burn0ut II is a foliar active weed control product which contains clove oil as the active ingredient.

Bobbex is a plant growth stimulant for ornamentals, annuals, and perennials that also provides protection against damage to ornamentals and flowers by the browsing of deer.

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