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  • Plan for Spring: Order supplies and save on shipping by combining items in one shipment.
  • Clean out Birdhouses
  • Transplant pot-bound houseplants
  • Test soil pH as soon as the ground is workable. Then you'll know what nutirents to obtain and apply as needed.
-- PLANT --
  • Vegetables: Peas, Lettuce, Spinach, Carrots, Radishes as soon as the soil is workable.
  • Spray Dormant Oil Spray on fruit trees before they bloom.
  • Mix Soil Moist in your plantings at this time to reduce watering needs during the growing season.
  • Fertilize Trees & Shrubs
  • Rake out your lawn and apply Corn Gluten to prevent crabgrass

Our Featured Products for March!

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Cold War Organics Products
Cold War Organics Fertilizers and Nutrient products are specifically made for growing & cultivating Cannabis. We are the exclusive online seller of these products.

Soil Moist
Soil Moist reduces plant watering up to 50%. It helps to reduce soil compaction, lasts for several seasons, reduces plant shock, and will NOT float to the surface of the soil.

Ice Melters
IceClear is an excellent environmentally friendly deicer, which can be applied directly to snow and ice.

Corn Gluten
Corn Gluten Meal (9-0-0) is a granular fertilizer for use on established lawns.

Soil Test Kit
An easy-to-use, home-scale soil test kit that includes 10 tests each for N, P, K and pH. All components are color coded for easy reference.

Bobbex is a plant growth stimulant for ornamentals, annuals, and perennials that also provides protection against damage to ornamentals and flowers by the browsing of deer.

Pro Gro fertilizer
A general purpose, slow-release organic fertilizer (North Country Organic) made of bone meal, rock phosphate, oyster shell, fish meal, and a host of other organic elements.

Horticultural & Dormant Spray Oil
Easy-to-use spray that controls scale insects, mealybugs, apple aphids, European red spider mites, leafminers and many more pests. Use year-round.

Felco Pruners
High-quality professional pruners and loppers. Hollow-ground, Swiss precision, hardened steel blades. We carry a wide variety for different tasks and in both right & left-handed styles.

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