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Check out January's Featured Products!

Wilt Pruf plant protector is a proven anti-transpirant, that when applied once, will protect your plants all season against winter kill, windburn, drought, and transplant shock.

Ice Melters
IceClear is an excellent environmentally friendly deicer, which can be applied directly to snow and ice.

Flea Traps
This flea trap is safe and simple to use. Fleas attracted to the trap from up to 25 feet away. Trap catches 4 to 6 times more fleas than other traps.

Bobbex is a plant growth stimulant for ornamentals, annuals, and perennials that also provides protection against damage to ornamentals and flowers by the browsing of deer.

Shake-Away for Rodents
Shake-Away for Rodents is made from a combination blend of dried Bobcat and Fox urine into a powder formula. Patented 100% organic method to keep mice, rats, moles, voles, and shrews at bay.

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